If you want to sit on the riverbank with a pole and a hook and target a specific type of customer, use magazines or a list or invest in Google Adwords. But know this: the success of your ad campaign won’t be determined by your choice of media. The success of your ad campaign will be determined by your choice of message.


Weak ads fail, regardless of which media delivers them.

Strong ads succeed, regardless of which media delivers them.


Whether we are buying radio, television, billboards or print we buy the very best media schedules on Planet Earth. People often wonder and ask how we get such mindbendingly good deals. Our answer is always “It’s a secret,”.

Our clients say they initially signed on with us because of the persuasive ads we write. Ask them a few years later what they consider the most valuable service we provide and they will say- “The media buying”.


At WIZARD OF ADS we have always held our media buying cards close to our chest. If we divulged our secrets in media negotiations they would become industry standard and would no longer set us apart from every other advertising consulting firm in the nation.

Getting your business noticed seen and heard, building an actual brand is becoming a daily knock down drag out mud and blood fight.  Like a bare knuckled prize fighter, we get paid to step in the ring on your behalf.


30 years ago Daniel Yankelovich, a market and social researcher, estimated that a person living in any given city  saw up to 2,000 ad messages a day. Today that number has risen to 5,000 a day.

We believe the best way for a business to build a brand is typically through radio, different factors determine whether radio is the right fit but again, typically we find radio is the best use of ad dollars. Broadcast radio reaches the most people, the most times for the least amount of money.


Most of our clients across America currently air 52-week radio schedules on more than 700 radio stations, so it can reasonably be said that we've spent a few hundred million dollars buying airtime over the past 25 years. Radio is considered “mass media” for a reason: It reaches the unwashed, unfiltered masses. Rich and poor alike. Homeowners, apartment dwellers, and children still bumming a room from their parents.


Generally speaking, radio is not good at targeting specific types of persons, but it’s great for building a reputation. If you want the public to think of you when they need what you sell, a nonstop radio schedule will work wonders. Radio goes fishing with a net, pulling up thousands of fish with each pass through the waters.

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